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                                PRESENT PERFECT                                                                                            PAST SIMPLE
  Used when the time period HAS NOT finished:
I have seen three movies this week.
(This week has not finished yet)
Used when the time period HAS finished:
I saw three movies last week.
(Last week is finished)
  Used when giving recent news:
Martin has crashed his car again.
(This is new information)
Used when giving older information:
Martin crashed his car last year.
(This is old information)
  Used when the time is not specific:
I have seen that movie already.
(We don't know when)
Used when the time is clear:
I saw that movie on Thursday.
(We know exactly when)
  Used with for and since, when the actions have not finished yet:
I have lived in Victoria for five years.
(I still live in Victoria)
Used with for and since, when the actions have already finished:
I lived in Victoria for five years.
(I don't live in Victoria now)
  • He . ___________________ there when he was a child            (Live)
  • I___________________  her since last year                                 (see)
  • They ___________________ a few minutes ago                         (leave)
  • She ___________________ unemployed since she left school               (not be)
  • They ___________________ the contract last week                 (finalise)
  • The film ___________________ yet                                              (not start)
  • She ___________________ ill since Thursday                            (be)
  • I ___________________ the project last night                            (finish)
  • Look- someone ___________________ their handbag in the room       (leave)
  • ___________________ to Rome?                                                  (ever,go)
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