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Cause of the feeling or emotion – The present participle serves as an adjective formed from an active verb.
Receiver of the feeling or emotion – The past participle serves as an adjective formed from the passive form of the verb.
The clown was entertaining the family. (active verb) The family was entertained by the clown.  (passive verb)
The clown was entertaining. (present participial adjective ) The family was entertained(past participial adjective )
Decide if the use of the adjective is correct or incorrect.
  1. I was hesitant to go, but when I got there I was amazing.
  2. This is my second time seeing this outstanding show.  The fighting and music are beautiful.
  3. There were two flying guys who were fighting in the air—entertaining.
  4. We could not believe what we saw. Our eyes were overwhelming with color, music, dance and fighting all at once.
  5. I was boring throughout the whole show.  I see more activity in my video games.
  6. It's hard to imagine anyone who isn't completely impressed.
  7. It was terrible!  We went to other shows and had "holy cow!" moments. But we just felt trapped during this performance—totally uninspired.
  8. You will never see anything like this anywhere else. Some parts were beautiful and dream others were terrifying.
  9. We found this show intrigued. How do they suspend the performers and how do they appear to come from thin air.
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