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A noun clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb; however, it cannot stand alone as a sentence.
e.g.   What you think does not matter.
A noun clause can be used as the subject or the object in the following forms:
e.g. What you think does not matter.
In this example, the noun clause is the subject of the sentence.
e.g. I don’t know what she thinks.
In this example, the noun clause is the object of the sentence.
Noun clauses can begin with a question word: “whether” or “if” question word + TO infinitive “that”
  • where he lives
  • what one says
  • who the man i
  • whether she will stay
  • if she will stay
  • what to say
  • where to meet
  • that he is innocent
  • that she knows three languages
If the subject is too long, it may be difficult for the reader to understand the sentence. To solve this problem, we use the introductory “it”, which takes the position of the subject in the sentence and signals that a noun clause is to follow.
That she worked hard for the whole term pleased her parents                 It pleased her parents that she worked hard for the whole term.
Choose the correct option
1. I had an accident and took my car to the garage. My husband asked me where ________.
a. is my car            b. my car was        c. my car is            d. was my car        e. is your car?
2. The old lady next door must have a lot of cats. I don't know how many _______________.
a. cats does she have          b. does she has cats             c. she has cats                       d. cats she has      e. cats has she
3. Do you know ____________ from the earth? I have no idea.
a. how far the moon is        b. how far is the moon        c. how the moon is far        d. if how far the moon is     e. whether how is the moon
4. Your brother is playing his music too loud. I can't hear what ____________ .
a. is saying your brother     b. that your brother is saying             c. is saying your brother     d. your brother is saying     e. your brother says
5. When I left home, my uncle gave me some advice. He said __________ give up.
a. I shouldn't         b. that shouldn't                   c. don't                   d. that I don't                        e. no
6. Jill didn't want to go to the car show. Her husband insisted that ___________ with him.
a. she come           b. she came           c. she had come                   d. she comes         e. she has come
7. My boss wants this report immediately. He demanded that it ______________ ready by 5:00.
a. is         b. will be                c. be                       d. was                    e. should be
8. Did he tell you where __________ the report when you finish?
a. should you put                 b. you to put         c. you put              d. to put                 e. will you put
9. My friend predicted _____________ receive a lot of praise for my work.
a. that I would                       b. that I                   c. what would I      d. what I                e. that I will
10. My friend saw an accident. He told me ____________ at the scene of the accident.
a. if he'd seen       b. what he saw      c. what he'd seen                 d. whether he saw               e. that he'd seen
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